La Brea Pitch Lake

On the Road to La Brea (5.5 Hours)

Located at La Brea in southwest Trinidad, the Pitch Lake is the largest natural deposit of asphalt in the world. Known to many as the 8th wonder of the world, the lake is the major supplier of asphalt to the international market. 

Asa Wright Nature Centre

This is for the birders! (5.5 hours)

The Asa Wright Nature Center was established in 1967 by a group of naturalists and bird-watchers to “protect part of the Arima Valley in a natural state and to create a conservation and study area for the protection of wildlife and for the enjoyment of all.” It was one of the first nature centres to be established in the Caribbean.Comprising nearly 1,500 acres of mainly forested land in the Arima and Aripo Valleys of the Northern Range, the AWNC’s properties will be retained under forest cover in perpetuity, to protect the community watershed and provide important wildlife habitat.The Centre’s main facilities are located on a former cocoa-coffee-citrus plantation, previously known as the Spring Hill Estate. This estate has now been partly reclaimed by secondary forest, surrounded by impressive rainforest, where some original climax forest on the steeper slopes have a canopy of 100-150 feet. The whole effect is one of being deep in tropical rainforest. 

Scenic Drive to Maracas Beach

Meet me in Maracas! (4 hours)

Trinidad's most popular beach is just outside of the capital of Port of Spain. The drive to the beach promises breathtaking vistas, with a planned stop at the famous Maracas lookout where you can get traditional local delicacies.  On Maracas Beach ask for the always tasty bake and shark smothered in dozens of sauces.  Ready for a Good Time?  Let's go!

Port of Spain City Tour

See the Capital of Trinidad (2.5 hours)

Port of Spain has been the capital of Trinidad since 1757 and is home to historic sites, attractions and events that have shaped the nation.  From the Magnificent Seven that symbolizes architecture of old to the modern day National Academy of the Performing Arts (NAPA) and cuisine that ranges from street to fine dining, Port of Spain reflects cultural differences that are both exciting and enlightening.

Caroni Bird Sanctuary

Scarlet Ibis in full flight (3.5 hours)

The Caroni Bird Sanctuary is home to the Caroni Swamp and is an important ecologically diverse wetland, consisting of marshes, mangrove swamp and tidal mudflats in close proximity.  This tour is best in the afternoon when Trinidad's national bird, The Scarlet Ibis takes flight in the later hours of the evening.  Another one for the birdwatching enthusiasts!